Weather Policy

  • Races are held on their scheduled dates unless the race course on the day of the race is deemed un-rideable and dangerous.

  • The League will have the option to delay the start of a race from the published times if the weather has created dangerous conditions.

  • Courses and/or lap lengths may be altered or shortened because of weather conditions. Last minute changes will be broadcast to racers at the start of each wave via the race announcer. If conditions require a change in number of laps during a race, a person will be stationed at the lap line advising riders of the change.

  • The League will develop a wet-weather course alterations in case of extremely wet conditions that threaten the trails used for the race.

  • All racing will stop immediately in the presence of lightning as signified by the chief referee. Racing may continue once the league director, chief referee, and the head timer have conferred.

  • Re-starting a race that has been stopped due to lightning;

    • depending on schedule and number of laps completed, the race may be declared over

      • if time permits, racers will be able to resume laps beginning from the lap line

  • Communication of delays, changes in start time, courses, and so on will be made by the League as follows:

    • on the league web site (prior to the race day, if possible).

    • on the public address system on the race day.

    • via forms of social media.

  • League will not refund pre-registration fees due to inclement weather.

  • League does not allow registration transfers to subsequent races due to inclement weather.

Note: Weather Policy is standard NICA League policy.