Credit: Joey Pulone

Credit: Joey Pulone

Find or Start a Team

Most mountain bike teams start small and grow quickly; it’s a challenge that is highly rewarding!

Pit Zone is an invitation-only registration system. When your coach invites you to register with the team, you will receive an invitation email from NICA.

Credit: Joey Pulone

Credit: Joey Pulone

Get Involved

The Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League is looking for dedicated people willing to share their time to make our amazing event series happen. If you want to be a part of the Interscholastic Mountain Biking Revolution, the time to act is now!

This league is life-changing for me and my student-athletes.
— Deanna Wills, Carroll County Composite

Credit: Joey Pulone

Coaches Wanted

Skilled and dedicated coaches are the foundation of Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League mountain bike teams. Maryland coaches put the safety and overall well-being of their student-athletes first.

Drill of the week

Week of August 16, 2019

Foot Down

If you put a foot down, you’re out!

Make an arena using cones or climbing rope. Size varies depending on the number of riders. The games begins with riders al circling together, but as soon as you say go, riders may move in any direction. Riders must remain within the boundary without putting a foot down. Riders can block other riders or force them out of bounds. The last rider on their bike wins.

This game teaches slow speed handling and direction changing, balance, and encourages "eyes up" riding. Because of the low speeds it is a very safe game, and quite fun.