Coaches Wanted

Skilled and dedicated coaches are the most important aspect of OUR teams.  

A Maryland League coach puts the safety and overall well-being of their student-athletes as the first priority.  NICA-licensed coaches are role models and teachers who are open to learning the best practices of youth mountain bike coaching and actively working to hone their leadership skills.

  • No experience is necessary to become a Maryland League coach.

  • We have the tools to help all coaches succeed.

  • We offer comprehensive training at our Leader Summit events (Offered Each Spring).

Get Started

Find a Team near you, or Start a Team in your area (it only takes one adult and one student-athlete).



  • Keep riders positively engaged in mountain bike-related activities throughout season

  • Be an authority figure / role model to all staff, riders, and parents 

  • Set an example as a responsible mountain biker at practices and on the trail 

  • Contribute to a fun, inclusive atmosphere 

  • Have a great time with good people who love mountain biking


  • Inform riders of activities and schedule 

  • Keep a running knowledge of the whereabouts of your rider group 

  • Help riders with simple mechanical repairs 

  • Maintain order and a culture of mutual respect among all riders 

  • Help minimize physical injury by promoting ”Ride with Respect” atmosphere riding rules 

  • Lead group rides, skills clinics and other activities 

  • Help chaperone riders at team activities

  • Help set up activities and events and assist with team scheduling


Head Coach

  • Should be one of the higher license level coaches and should be NICA first aid certified 

  • Develops team practice plans and training programs

  • Coordinates with other coaches to insure team practices and rides are adequately staffed 

  • Has most direct connection with student-athletes

Team Director

  • Responsible for team finances and paying team fees

  • Works with head coach to plan the season and team activities 

  • Help riders with simple mechanical repairs