Scholarship Program

The Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League is excited to announce registration scholarships for our 2019 season. This program is intended to help lower the barrier for entry to our league for participants in their first year, and is being funded in part through support of the Maryland League by generous donors and TREK Bicycles.

If you have financial need, please complete our scholarship application form today. You can find the scholarship application form along with program details here.

Thank you to our AMAZING supporters and TREK Bicycles for their support of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and the Maryland League!

Scholarship FAQ’s

+ Who can apply for scholarships?

Any student-athlete, parent, or coach may apply for scholarship, and our goal is to make it available to as many people who need it as we can. We have limited funds so we ask that applicants ask only for the help they need. The head coach of a team may apply on behalf of another coach or student-athlete on the team.

+ How does someone apply?

Print or download the scholarship form from our website. Complete it and email or mail it in. We will process scholarships bi-weekly until the August 15 submission deadline. The head coach of a team may apply on behalf of another coach or student-athlete on the team. A scholarship credit will be applied towards the league registration of the student-athlete or the coach/ride leader.

+ How much does this cover?

With our limited funds we are unable to provide full scholarships, at this time. Our scholarship committee will review each application and award a partial scholarship in most cases. The scholarship will be applied as credit towards league registration.

+ How can I help support league scholarships?

You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Maryland League through our website and include “SCHOLARSHIP” in the “referred by” field.