October 14 & 15, 2019

7805 W Marlton Ave
Clinton, MD 20735


Race operations and the infield will be located at the address above. We will have a drop off area. Parking will be on grass.

Course Description

Rosaryville State Park will offer a thrilling ride and allow riders to enjoy a race loop that tests both their riding skills as well as their tactical racing skills. The course features a double track section starting off to allow riders to spread out, then after diving into the singletrack at the 1 mile mark, they will be treated to some of the smoothest, swoopiest, and most flowy trail that they will see all year. There are no significant climbs on the lap, so average speeds and spirits will remain high as the trail twists and turns through the woods. There is one driveway crossing to be aware of (we’ll have a marshal there) otherwise, let it rip!



The course will be open for pre-ride Saturday afternoon (2 - 5 p.m.) and Sunday morning (8 - 9 a.m.). We strongly recommend that all racers pre-ride the course and bring a map, plenty of water, cell phone and not ride alone. Please pass course workers with great care and stay off the course outside of the above times. ALL riders on course are required to have a MICL Race Plate, including adults.

Try It Out Program

The MICL Try It Out program will be at all pre-rides this year. It will allow new & beginner students to “try it out” with a sweet new bike, riding on our marked course with other students and coaches!


Registration Information

Saturday October 14, 2019 from 1:30 to 5 p.m.
Sunday October 15, 2019 from 8 to 11 a.m.

Race plates will be distributed to head coaches on Saturday and Sunday. These chip timing number plates will be used for the entire season, please do not lose them. This will be quick and painless if you’ve previously registered online – double- check that you are registered and Race Ready in the NICA Pit Zone before online registration closes. Onsite registration hours will cater to anyone who is not Race Ready and has not paid their registration fee online.

Important Notes & Rules

  • There is NO CAMPING at Rosaryville State Park - we recommend Cedarville State Forest for camping, about 20 minutes drive away. There are limited charcoal grills available at the venue - first come first serve!

  • THERE ARE NO TRASH CANS - plan to pack all your trash out. Be sure to bring plenty of water too!

  • Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not have a food truck at this race -please do plan to grill!

  • Vehicles are not allowed in the team pit and infield areas any time.

  • No Smoking in the team pit or infield areas.

  • No inappropriate language allowed in the team pit and infield areas.

  • Any conflicts and/or disputes with any race official or volunteer shall not be dealt with in the team pit area.

  • Any violation of the above rules may result in a team penalty and/or expulsion from the team pit and infield area.

  • No gasoline generators and no open fires inside the team pit area, please.

  • Keep dogs on leashes at all times and clean up after your dogs.

  • Review our Refund and Weather Policy.

  • All racing will be governed by the NICA Rulebook and MICL policies.

  • We hope all racers and their families will stay after the race for the award ceremony!

Interactive Course Map

Important Contacts

League Directors

Fred Powell, & Jon Posner

Volunteer Coordinators

Birgitta Tambeaux & Laura Gray

Registration Lead

Adam Lewandowski

Chief Course Marshal

Steve Harper

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are the backbone of our league and make our events possible. Please consider volunteering at this race, we know you’ll love it, money-back guarantee!

Waves, Start Times, Laps and Distance

Category (Race Numbers) Start Time Laps Earned Lap Cut-off Time Approx. Miles
Varsity Girls (1-49) 9:30 3 10:45 10.5
JV Girls (100’s) 9:32 2 10:08 7
Sophomore Girls (400’s) 9:34 2 10:10 7
Freshman Girls (700’s) 9:36 2 10:12 7
Middle Sch. Girls Grade 8 (6000’s) 9:38 2 10:14 7
Middle Sch. Girls Grade 7 (5000’s) 9:40 2 10:16 7
Middle Sch. Girls Grade 6 (4000’s) 9:42 2 10:18 7
Middle Sch. Boys Grade 8 (3000’s) 11:15 2 11:51 7
Middle Sch. Boys Grade 7 (2000’s) 11:17 2 11:53 7
Middle Sch. Boys Grade 6 (1000’s) 11:19 2 11:55 7
Varsity Boys (50-99) 12:30 4 2:00 14
JV Boys (300’s) 12:32 3 1:44 10.5
Sophomore Boys (500’s) 12:34 2 1:10 7
Freshman Boys (900’s) 12:36 2 1:12 7