NICA-sanctioned races provide student-athletes an arena in which to set and accomplish competitive goals and to achieve their personal best. Most NICA leagues have a 4- or 5-race schedule, held in the Spring or Fall depending on the regional climate. Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation and risk management guarantee every participating student athlete is given a fun and fast environment.

Leader Summit

Where do coaches learn how to start and manage an interscholastic mountain bike team? What are the do's and don’ts of creating a healthy team or joining an existing one in our state? A Maryland Leader Summit brings together new and experienced coaches and leaders for a dynamic weekend of hands-on education about what it takes to be an exemplary NICA coach. We call it “One Stop Shopping” for coaches and ride leaders. Credits from other leagues' Leader Summits can be easily transferred.

Rider Camps and Clinics

For many student-athletes, mountain biking is a new sport. Even the experienced riders can learn something new at a NICA rider camp and clinic, which emphasizes proper skill, technique and a healthy approach to riding and racing. Certified coaches and assistants provide spot-on training for students of all skill levels, and in several cases a girls-only camp is held to encourage our future women to let their natural abilities flow.

Girls Riding Together (GRiT)

The GRiT (Girls Riding Together) program is a NICA national initiative aimed at increasing the overall participation rate of more female student-athletes and female coaches in NICA.


For the student-athlete
A single flat fee of $275 covers the full season of participation, including league registration, insurance coverage, two MICL non-competitive events, and 4 MICL races in the Fall. Every registered student-athlete will be issued a number plate and they do not need to register for events or races (they can just show up).

For the coach (or any level 1 volunteer or adult working with student-athletes on a team)
The cost is $50 league registration fee plus $38 background check. Any adult who participates in team practices must be a registered coach with MICL and background checked.
Important: NICA is changing background check providers.

Team registration fee
This fee will not change from year one, team registration fee is $250, however by having at least one person attend the MICL leader summit event, team registration fee is cut in half, to $125.

Fee Notes:

  • Maryland League will not refund pre-registration fees due to inclement weather.

  • Maryland League will not allow registration transfers to subsequent races due to inclement weather.

My school or area does not have a team, how do I register?
If your school or area does not have a team (i.e. there are no high school teams or composite teams nearby that you can race with) you can race as an Independent Rider.

More Questions?

Please contact your head coach with registration questions.

For further information regarding registration, please contact us.