Ambassadors For More Than Our Sport - NICA Code of Conduct


As mentioned recently in our newsletter there is an important Code of Conduct that guides our actions and approaches. We love getting the whole MICL gang together, but even the wonderful and passionate MD MTB tribe can run into problems when we don’t follow this code and treat each other – and all those around us in the community where we’re doing our thing – with respect. This is true not just for our event participants, but for all of those in the Maryland League orbit.

While we’re not big on negative reinforcement, this is a place where we must draw a line. If the Code of Conduct is not followed, those actions will produce consequences, which could include deducting team points for the team whose riders, coaches, and/or parents are not following the Code, or even suspension from a race or a season.

So…. let’s all do this right, sound good?

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Jon Posner